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Drama Competition

Drama competitions are invaluable for fostering creativity and confidence in students, allowing them to explore diverse characters and narratives. Reliving Shakespeare through this event not only cultivated an appreciation for classic literature but also enhanced communication skills and cultural understanding, making education a stage for holistic growth. Engaging with Shakespeare’s timeless works provided students with a rich tapestry of language and themes to interpret, encouraged critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Chunavi Pakhwada Rally

Chunavi Pakhwada Rally is vital for fostering civic engagement by educating citizens about their voting rights and responsibilities. Such rallies combat voter apathy, promote inclusivity, and hold elected officials accountable, strengthening the democratic process. These rallies empower individuals to actively participate in shaping their future and uphold democratic values.

Visit by Indian Navy Officers

We are privileged to host INDIAN NAVY officers, who provided invaluable career counseling to our students. Their visit was not only informative but also highly productive, allowing our students to gain insights into various career paths and opportunities. We deeply appreciate their time and expertise, which has undoubtedly enriched the career development journey of our students. 

𝝅 - Day celebrations

We celebrated Pi Day on March 14th with great enthusiasm and creativity at Day Star school. Students and teachers alike came together to honor the mathematical constant π (pi) in fun and educational ways. Through activities like Pi recitation competitions and interactive math game, students not only had a blast but also deepened their appreciation for the significance of Pi in mathematics and beyond. It was a memorable day filled with learning and laughter.

Academic award distribution

Distributing academic awards to students serves as a powerful motivator, recognizing and affirming their hard work and achievements. It fosters a culture of excellence and encourages students to strive for continued success in their academic pursuits.

World Poetry Day

Celebrating World Poetry Day cultivated a love for language and creativity among students, fostered their ability to express themselves artistically. It provided an opportunity to explore diverse cultures. Students sharpened their critical thinking skills and  could appreciate the beauty of words, enriching their overall educational experience.

Emergency Response Simulation

Mock drill is crucial for preparing students and staff to respond effectively in emergency situations. It instilled confidence and readiness during evacuation procedures, applying first aid techniques, and using communication protocols. Such drills help us cultivate a culture of safety and resilience, ensuring a swift and coordinated response in the event of a real disaster.